n. a social gathering, especially one held for a particular purpose

Why Host?

We offer a no pressure environment that brings busy friends together for exclusive shopping from our collection…all while creating intelligent conversations about doing good

Go Beyond

Your Soirée plays an important role in supporting our Artisan Guilds and creating impact. Go beyond our communities and host a Giveback Soirée to raise funds for your charitable cause!

Hostess Rewards

Hostesses are some of our favorite people at Hazel and Deene!

When you host a Soirée, you’ll enjoy FREE accessories, half price items and exclusive hostess benefits!


Soirée FAQ

Who should host a soirée? 

Anyone and everyone! Hosting a Soirée is an easy way to create impact around the world. Our products are high quality with affordable prices. Our pieces are the perfect compliment or statement for any personal style!

what does the Hazel & Deene Stylist do?

The Hazel and Deene Stylist will help you with every detail of your show and be a great coach along the way. She brings the product, the excitement and the impact.

what does the hostess do?

Working with your Stylist, a Hostess invites her guests, provides the space for the Soirée, and a light refreshment. Being a Hostess is a simple, quick way to earn free product and impact others.

what should i expect as the hostess?

Hazel and Deene Soirées are fun, upbeat and the best place to try on our beautiful collection. Your Stylist will share our impact model and challenge your guests to rethink how they view poverty. She will also bring her sample collection and put together a beautifully setup boutique right in your own home!

does it have to be in my home?

Absolutely not! Hazel and Deene Soirées can be hosted anywhere that your guests can gather. Your Stylist will coach you in her space needs for merchandising, but let your creativity run for the location of your show!

should i provide refreshments?

Of course! Remember to keep the refreshments light, easy and clean. The products are the start of the show, so kick back and enjoy with your guests!

can guests shop online?

Yes! Your Stylist will provide you with a special shopping link for your guests. Nothing is better than trying on the products in person, but if your guests cannot come, encourage them to shop online!

do guests take product home right away? 

Products ship in 1 to 3 days after an order is posted. The beautiful pieces you will see at the Show will be samples from your Stylist. Occasionally, a Stylist will have some cash and carry or discontinued items.